Sacred War: Sony and North Korea

It’s interesting that North Korea’s official propaganda site still hasn’t gloated about Sony’s capitulation. As best I can tell, Korean Central News Agency hasn’t reported on the hack since Dec. 7, when it denied Pyongyang was responsible. But what does it say about U.S. cyber security when a country that doesn’t even allow the Internet is able to penetrate a private corporation’s computer network with ease? KCNA’s website is based in Japan; how can a country incapable of hosting its own official website steal every closely guarded trade secret from a major media company? My wife, who is Russian, thinks her countrymen were involved. I say it’s China, which adores its tantrum-throwing little brother.

Here’s a quote from KCNA’s statement on the 7th.

The south Korean puppet group [i.e., the South Korean government] went the lengths of floating the false rumor that the north was involved in the hacking that happened in the U.S., a country far across the ocean.

It should be well aware that it can not evade the severe punishment by the anti-U.S. sacred war to be staged all over the world if it blindly curries favor with the U.S. as now.


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